How to stop VMware port error of 443 on XAMPP Control Panel v3.2.2

While starting the apache service in xampp control panel v3.2.2 shows error as below image


To resolve this error follow steps one by one :

Step 1: 
Open Up 'httpd-ssl.conf' file by locating in 'C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra' directory or you can just open 'httpd-ssl.conf' file from xampp control panel by clicking on config button against apache service. 

Step 2:
After opening 'httpd-ssl.conf' file look for the line 'Listen 443' by pressing 'Ctrl + f'

Step 3:
Go on that line Change port number to anything you want. I use 4440. ex. Listen 4440. and Replace every 443 string in that file with 4440.

Step 4:
After all changes done then Save 'httpd-ssl.conf' file.


If you are having any query and doubt regarding this configuration then you can ask in comments.  

Thank you !!