Get Started with UiPath Sequences: A Simple Guide

So, for making a sequence in UiPath steps are as follows :

1. Open the UiPath studio
2. Create new process in that


3. After this add sequence in the process


4. Then type message box in the search bar and drag message box in the sequence
5. Click in the message box and type message in that using double quotes


6. Then click on the run button to test the process


7. Output 


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Get Your XAMPP Running Again: Fixing the 'MySQL shutdown unexpectedly' Error

Totally stopped the MYSQL running. I restart the xampp server many times but doesn’t work. I don’t know what happened on XAMPP Server.
Finally i found the solution. the problem is MYSQL shutdown unexpectedly.
Solution is,

      1. Exit Xampp and navigate to xampp/mysql/data directory
      2. delete the ibdata1 file
      3. restart the XAMPP server


      1. Exit Xampp and navigate to xampp/mysql/data directory
      2. delete the ibdata1, ib_logfile0,ib_logfile1,ib_logfile101 files
      3. restart the XAMPP server


Try to check the error log at the installed location: /xampp/mysql/data/mysql_error.log
This can help you better debug the problem.
Also Note:

     1. XAMPP might hit into port issue when you have skype also running.
     2. There is a federated plugin issue that is common.

Only by looking at the logs, we can find the exact issue. Hope this helps.

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